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Title      : University Chemistry Vol - III
Subject      : Engineering Chemistry
copyright © 2018   : Subhas Stores
Author      : K K Padmanabha
Publisher      : Subhas Stores
Chapters/Pages      : 12/225
Total Price      : Rs.      : 122
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Chemical Kinetics Total views (0)  
Review of terms Rate, Order and Molecularity. Derivation of expression for the rate constant of a second order reaction with a = b and a ≠ b. Expression for half-life of a second order reaction. Mean life for first order reaction to be mentioned. Problems on rate constant, half-life period, mean life period and order of reaction. Determination
Pages: 37
Price: Rs 0   
Thermodynamics - I Total views (0)  
Thermodynamics is a branch of science which deals with energy changes accompanying all the types of physical and chemical processes. There are 3 laws, but no formal proof. All that one can say is that nothing contrary to these laws has been known to happen whenever we consider the behaviour of matter in bulk. They are not concerned with the atomic or molecular structure of matter.
Pages: 28
Price: Rs 18.2   
Thermodynamics - II Total views (0)  
For a reaction to be spontaneous, total entropy change should be positive. If it is zero, the system is at equilibrium. But in some cases, the process is spontaneous in spite of decrease in entropy. Ex: At 0oC water spontaneously solidifies, but entropy decreases. Hence we have to consider entropy change in terms of other state functions which can be determined more conveniently. Two such fun ......
Pages: 16
Price: Rs 10.4   
Surface Chemistry Total views (0)  
The phenomenon of accumulation of one substance on the surface of other substance is called adsorption. This process creates a film of one substance on the surface of other substance. This process differs from absorption, in which a one substance is dissolved in another substance. Note that adsorption is a surface-based process while absorption involves the whole volume of the material. The te ......
Pages: 20
Price: Rs 13   
Organic and Inorganic Polymers Total views (0)  
The development of modern technology has brought tremendous changes in our life style. One of the most significant changes is - the gradual replacement of natural materials such as wood, wool, cotton etc by man made synthetic substances called polymers.
Pages: 26
Price: Rs 16.9   
Compounds of some nonmetals Total views (0)  
Boron was first isolated by Dary in 1807 by fusing boric acid with potassium. It does not exist in Free State in nature. It occurs mainly in the form of salts of boric acid. Boron - At. No. 5 (1s22s22p1). It has three valence electrons. It is trivalent.
Pages: 8
Price: Rs 5.2   
Metallurgy Total views (0)  
Majority of metals occur in nature in combined state and a very few metals occur in Free State. The natural materials found in earths curst in which metal occur in combined state are called minerals. The mineral from which metal is extracted economically and conveniently is called ore. The process of extraction of metal from its ore is called metallurgy.
Pages: 12
Price: Rs 7.8   
Alcohols and Thiols Total views (0)  
Alcohol is an organic compound in which the hydroxyl functional group (-OH) is attached to a saturated carbon atom.
Pages: 23
Price: Rs 14.95   
Phenols Total views (0)  
Phenols, are a class of organic compounds consisting of hydroxyl group (OH) bonded directly to an aromatic ring. The simplest compound of this type is phenol which is also called as carbolic acid. Although similar to alcohols, phenols have unique properties and are not classified as alcohols since the hydroxyl group is not bonded to saturated carbon atom.
Pages: 10
Price: Rs 6.5   
Ethers and Epoxides Total views (0)  
Ethers are a class of compounds in which oxygen atom is attached to two substituents. They are represented as ROR (R and R are alkyl substituents).
Pages: 9
Price: Rs 5.85   
Fertilizers Total views (0)  
Phenol is used to prepare many important compounds like aspirin, salol, methyl salicylic acid, salicyl salicylic acid etc.
Pages: 23
Price: Rs 14.95   
Organometallic compounds Total views (0)  
Compounds containing 1carbon-metal bond are called organo metallic compounds.
Pages: 13
Price: Rs 8.45   

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