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Title      : Business Ethics
Subject      : Business Ethics and Values
copyright © 2018   : Subhas Stores
Publisher      : Subhas Stores
Chapters/Pages      : 5/88
Total Price      : Rs.      : 42
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Business Ethics Total views (0)  
Today, the corporate world as a whole is in the process of acquiring a moral conscience. The new and emerging concepts in management like corporate governance, business ethics and corporate sustainability are some of the expressions through which this emerging ethical instinct in the corporate world is trying to express and embody itself in the corporate life.
Pages: 22
Price: Rs 0   
Personal Ethics Total views (0)  
“Personal ethics” has any clear meaning. The term “Personal” is used in a number of ways, which makes it impossible to set out one de􀃀 nition. It seems that atleast three senses can be distinguished. Firstly, Personal ethics is any ethical system or doctrine that has been chosen in some way as a moral guide in the particular life of an agent. Personal ethics in this sense is built upo ......
Pages: 14
Price: Rs 9.1   
Ethics in Management Total views (0)  
ETHICS IN HRM The ethics of human resource management (HRM) covers those ethical issues arising around the employer-employee relationship, such as the rights and durties owed between employer and employee. 􀂙 Discrimination issues include discrimination on the bases of age (ageism), gender, race, religion, disabilities, weight and attractiveness, af􀃀 rmative action, sexual h ......
Pages: 16
Price: Rs 10.4   
Role Corporate Culture in Business Total views (0)  
Corporate or organizational culture is consequences in an organization formed by a set of values and beliefs, carried forward from long time and has substantial impact in the behaviors, quality and quantity of work done by the employee in an organization A decades ago a work culture in India had a vast differences has compare to rest of the world, especially western countries. But now there i ......
Pages: 8
Price: Rs 5.2   
Corporate Governance Total views (0)  
Corporate governance is concerned with set of principles, ethics, values, morals, rules regulations & procedures etc. Corporate governance establishes a system whereby directors are entrusted with duties and responsibilities in relation to the direction of the company’s affairs. The term “governance” means control i.e. controlling a company, an organization etc or a company & corporate govern ......
Pages: 28
Price: Rs 18.2   

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