Title      : Digital Signal Processing
Subject      : Electronics and Communication
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Author      : Ramesh Babu P
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This book is designed to meet the syllabus requirements of the undergraduate course of circuit branches of engineering. The treatment of the subject is very much simplified in order to have a through understanding of the subject. Sailent features: - Covers the entire syllabi for most of the Universities in India, - Most of the topics are written in lucid style with suitable examples and figures, ......
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Chapter 1 * Discrete-Time Signals and Linear Systems Total views (0)  

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Chapter 2 * The z-Transform Total views (0)  
The z-Transform is a powerful mathematical tool for the analysis of linear-time invariant discrete-time systems in the frequency domain. In z-domain the convolution of two time domain signals is equivalent to multiplication of their corresponding z-transforms. This property simplifies the analysis of the response of an LTI system to various signals. In addition, the frequency response of a discret ......
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Chapter 3 * The Discrete Fourier Transform Total views (0)  
The Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) is a powerful computation tool which allows us to evaluate the Fourier transform X(ej-omega) on a digital computer or specially designed hardware. Unlike DTFT, which is defined for finite and infinite sequences, DFT is defined only for sequences of finite length. Since X(ej-omega) is continuous and periodic, DFT is obtained by sampling one period of the Fourier ......
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Chapter 4 * The Fast Fourier Transform Total views (0)  
In the preceding chapter we have discussed the discrete Fourier transform and the way it can be used to perform linear filtering. In this chapter we study about a set of algorithms known as Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) proposed by Cooley and Tukey in 1965. The fast Fourier transform is a highly efficient procedure for computing the DFT of a finite series and requires less number of computations th ......
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Chapter 5 * Infinite Impulse Response Filters Total views (0)  
Basically a digital filter is a linear time-invariant discrete time system. The terms Finite Impulse Response (FIR) and Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) are used to distinguish filter types. The FIR filters are of non-recursive type, whereby the present output sample depends on the present input sample and previous input samples, whereas the IIR filters are of recursive type, whereby the present ou ......
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Chapter 6 * Finite Impulse Response Filters Total views (0)  
In the previous chapter we studied the design of IIR filter and its properties. In many digital processing applications FIR filters are preferred over their IIR counterparts.
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Chapter 7 * Finite Word Length Effects in Digital Filters Total views (0)  
Digital signal processing algorithms are realized either with special purpose digital hardware or as programs for a general purpose digital computer. In both cases the numbers and coefficients are stored in finite-length registers. Therefore, coefficients and numbers are quantized by truncation or rounding off when they are stored.
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Chapter 8 * Multirate Signal Processing Total views (0)  
So far we discussed single rate systems in which single sampling rate is used. These systems that use single sampling rate from A/D converter to D/A converter are known as single rate systems. Now we extend our discussion on systems where the sampling rate of signals are unequal at various parts of the system. The discrete-time systems that process data at more than one sampling rate are known as ......
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Chapter 9 * Statistical Digital Signal Processing Total views (0)  
So far we focussed our discussion on discrete-time signals that are well defined for all values of the time index. These signals are known as deterministic signals and such type of signals can be represented in terms of their z-transforms and Fourier transforms. This chapter concentrates on statistical signal processing which deals with random signals, their properties and their characterization i ......
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Chapter 10 * Applications of Digital Signal Processing Total views (0)  
Digital Signal Processing is one of the most powerful emerging technologies that has applications in a broad range of fields like Speech processing, Radar signal processing, Audio engineering, Instrumentation engineering, Sonar, Telecommunications, Controls, Oil exploration and Medical imaging. In this chapter we study the applications of DSP in some of the above areas.
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Chapter 11 * Digital Signal Processors Total views (0)  
The programmable digital signal processors (PDSPs) are general purpose microprocessors designed specifically for digital signal processing applications. They contain special architecture and instruction set so as to execute computation -intensive DSP algorithms more efficiently. The programmable DSPs can be divided into two broad categories. They are i) general purpose digital signal processors an ......
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