Title      : Engineering Chemistry Module 2: Corrosion and Metal finishing
Subject      : Chemistry
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Author      : Dr P V Krupakara
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Corrosion: Introduction, Electrochemical theory of corrosion, Factors affecting the rate of corrosion: ratio of anodic to cathodic areas, nature of corrosion product, nature of medium – pH, conductivity and temperature. Types of corrosion - Differential metal and differential aeration - pitting and water line). Corrosion control: Anodizing – Anodizing of aluminium, Cathodic protection - sacrif ......
Pages: 13
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Module 4 Total views (0)  
Environmental Pollution: Air pollutants: Sources, effects and control of primary air pollutants: Carbon monoxide, Oxides of nitrogen and sulphur, hydrocarbons, Particulate matter, Carbon monoxide, Mercury and Lead. Secondary air pollutant: Ozone, Ozone depletion (3 hrs) Waste Management: Solid waste, e-waste & biomedical waste: Sources, characteristics & disposal methods (Scientific land filling, ......
Pages: 27
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Instrumental methods of analysis: Theory, Instrumentation and applications of Colorimetry, Flame Photometry, Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy, Potentiometry, Conductometry (Strong acid with a strong base, weak acid with a strong base, mixture of strong acid and a weak acid with a strong base) (4 hrs) Nanomaterials: Introduction, size dependent properties (Surface area, Electrical, Optical, Catalyti ......
Pages: 19
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