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Title      : Self Learning Management - REPORTING, WRITING AND EDITING
Subject      : Journalism and Mass Communication
copyright © 2020   : Thejasvi Naviloor
Author      : Thejasvi Naviloor
Publisher      : KSOU Study Materiel
Chapters/Pages      : 2/130
Total Price      : Rs.      : 65
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NEWS REPORTING Total views (1)  
The third block of Course - II throw light on the most important of the journalistic aspects, that is, news reporting. The block contains four different units dealing with various concepts dealing with news and news values, news gathering sources and methods, news writing style and structure, special reports, interpretative, investigative and feature writing.
Pages: 58
Price: Rs 29   
NEWS EDITING Total views (1)  
This is the second block of Course - II. This block has four units related to purpose and process of editing, principles of layout and design, graphic presentation, and photoediting.
Pages: 72
Price: Rs 36