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Title      : Tipu Sultan: Indomitable Nationalist and Martyr
Subject      : History of India
copyright © 2020   : B P Mahesh Chandra Guru
Author      : B P Mahesh Chandra Guru
Publisher      : Interlinepublishing
Chapters/Pages      : 14/218
Total Price      : Rs.      : 111
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Contents Total views (1)  
The present book is authored on the basis of authentic, relevant and adequate historical evidences, documents and monuments in order to place on record the martyrdom of Tipu.
Pages: 3
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The Profile of Tipu Sultan Total views (2)  
Tipu Sultan was highly accomplished person and acquired great scholarship to emerge as the enlightened ruler of Mysore state. Tipu Sultan was a great Indian ruler who fought against British imperialism and sacrificed his life for the sake of national integration and sovereignty.
Pages: 15
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Historiographical Literature Total views (0)  
Historical research is a systematic study of the history of various cultures and countries. Historiography has emerged in the world in the light of new source materials and changing historical perspectives.
Pages: 47
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Tipu’s Resistance to Colonialism Total views (0)  
Haidar Ali and Tipu Sultan were the great rulers of Mysore State in the second half of the Eighteenth Century. Haidar Ali and Tipu Sultan were the only major rulers in South India who defied the British and refused to become tributary to the East India Company, mainly due to their patriotism and self-esteem.
Pages: 12
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Diplomacy of Tipu Sultan Total views (0)  
Tipu commanded respect from the people and military forces for his brave and patriotic ventures. Haidar Ali had cautioned Tipu about the outstanding military power of the British but instructed his son not to end the war without a logical conclusion.
Pages: 13
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Statesmanship of Tipu Sultan Total views (0)  
Tipu was an exceptionally talented and capable statesmen but he was unfortunately twisted by the cruelty of the pro-British. Tipu never wanted to make war on the bulk of his own subjects but he was always driven by his consciousness to improve the conditions of his people and enrich the state’s exchequer.
Pages: 14
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Role of Tipu Sultan in Regional Development Total views (0)  
Tipu wanted to develop the economy of Mysore State in a different way and make his citizens economically self-reliant and politically sovereign republics. Tipu’s skillful diplomacy paid rich dividends economically and politically. His bold and patriotic initiatives reflected clear global vision and developmental missionary zeal.
Pages: 13
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Tipu Sultan and State Capitalism Total views (0)  
Tipu was very anxious to develop the economy of Mysore through diplomatic and commercial relations between Mysore State and rest of the world. Tipu’s diplomatic missions had commercial objectives ultimately.
Pages: 14
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Tipu Sultan and Social Justice Total views (0)  
Tipu derived the concept of ‘egalitarian society’ from the French Revolution. As a devout Muslim he was greatly influenced by the economic perspective of Islam which stood by social justice and economic equity. Islam also pleads for redistribution of wealth as a matter of economic justice.
Pages: 8
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Defence Management by Tipu Sultan Total views (0)  
Tipu Sultan had strongly resisted the British colonialism and never submitted himself to the paramount of foreign powers. Tipu had displayed sound martial qualities and brought about structural and operational changes in military administration. Tipu endeavored likewise to create a disciplined army in the European manner, recruiting mercenaries of diverse origins.
Pages: 11
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Religious Philosophy of Tipu Sultan Total views (0)  
Tipu Sultan fought against European colonialism and heralded a new innings of national freedom in India. Sirajuddaula of Bengal and Tipu Sultan of Mysore had seriously worked for the ouster of British forces from India. He had to face both internal and external enemies simultaneously to safeguard the national unity and integration.
Pages: 12
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Martyrdom of Tipu Sultan Total views (0)  
The British were aware of the internal dynamics in India. They found that the Rajput Sultanates in the northern and western regions of India were weak and vulnerable. They managed the South Indian rulers such as Marathas, Travancore rulers, Nizam of Hyderabad and others
Pages: 6
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Contemporary Relevance of Tipu Sultan Total views (0)  
The book makes an analytical narrative of the factors and forces which facilitated the integrated development of Mysore State under the rule of Tipu Sultan, on the basis of a wide range of primary and secondary sources.
Pages: 9
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Pages: 41
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