Title      : Electrical Machines - II
Subject      : Electrical
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Author      : Sheilaa Haran
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Chapter 1 * Synchronous Generator Total views (0)  
Constructional details Types of rotors winding factors- emf equation Synchronous reactance Armature reaction Phasor diagrams of non salient pole synchronous generator connected to infinite bus Synchronizing and parallel operation Synchronizing torque -Change of excitation and mechanical input- Voltage regulation EMF, MMF, ZPF and A.S.A methods steady state power angle characteristics Two reaction ......
Pages: 121
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Chapter 2 * Synchronous Motor Total views (0)  
Principle of operation Torque equation Operation on infinite bus bars - V and Inverted V curves Power input and power developed equations Starting methods Current loci for constant power input, constant excitation and constant power developed-Hunting natural frequency of oscillations damper windings- synchronous condenser.
Pages: 44
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Chapter 3 * Three Phase Induction Motor Total views (0)  
Constructional details Types of rotors - Principle of operation Slip cogging and crawling- Equivalent circuit Torque-Slip characteristics - Condition for maximum torque Losses and efficiency Load test - No load and blocked rotor tests – Circle diagram Separation of losses Double cage induction motors Induction generators Synchronous induction motor.
Pages: 78
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Chapter 4 * Starting, Speed Control of Three Phase Induction Motor Total views (0)  
Need for starting Types of starters DOL, Rotor resistance, Autotransformer and Star-delta starters Speed control Voltage control, Frequency control and pole changing Cascaded connection-V/f control Slip power recovery scheme-Braking of three phase induction motor: Plugging, dynamic braking and regenerative braking.
Pages: 42
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Chapter 5 * Single Phase Induction Motors and Special Machines Total views (0)  
Constructional details of single phase induction motor Double field revolving theory and operation Equivalent circuit No load and blocked rotor test Performance analysis Starting methods of single-phase induction motors Capacitor-start capacitor run Induction motor- Shaded pole induction motor - Linear induction motor Repulsion motor - Hysteresis motor - AC series motor- Servo motors- Stepper moto ......
Pages: 60
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