Title      : Engineering Physics I - 3rd Edition
Subject      : Physics
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Author      : Palanisamy P K
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There are many reasons for the need to acquire knowledge of basic physics no matter what field of specialization one may be in. The subject of physics is to impart fundamental knowledge in various engineering subjects and applications. Engineering Physics - I is a comprehensive textbook covering the first year physics syllabus of all branches of Engineering and Technology. Concrete use of phy ......
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Chapter 1 * Acoustics and Ultrasonics Total views (0)  
The topic on Acoustics and ultrasonics presented in Chapter 1 has to do with the ability to hear sound, and the quality of the sound in a room, be it a small room or an auditorium. One of the problems in the design of rooms dedicated to good sound is to option the proper reverberation time. This chapter teaches the techniques of controlling the reverberation time. Sound waves of higher frequen ......
Pages: 70
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Chapter 2 * Modern Optics Total views (0)  
The science of photonics is all about light. Laser being one of the most important photonic device and fibre optic communication is one of the most important applications, in Chapter 2 on Modern Optics. We study about Lasers and fibre optics.
Pages: 68
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Chapter 3 * Crystallography Total views (1)  
In Chapter 3 on Crystallography, discussion on possible crystal structures, the meaning of crystalline order, different directions and planes in crystals are presented. Different crystal growth techniques are discussed in view of the increasing demand of materials for technological applications.
Pages: 54
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Chapter 4 * Quantum Physics Total views (1)  
Understanding of phenomena such as black body radiation, absorption, emission and laser are based on quantum concept. Chapter 4 on Quantum Physics exposes the application of quantum physics to study behaviour of electrons in metals.
Pages: 46
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Chapter 5 * Properties of Matter and Thermal Physics Total views (1)  
Chapter 5 on Properties of Matter and Thermal Physics deals with two different topics. In this modern world, every day we find lot of structures coming up in the form of tall buildings, heavy load bridges and flyovers etc. The safety of such structures depends on the properties of materials. Thermal Physics is a field of science that deals with heat and temperature. In this unit we deal with h ......
Pages: 56
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