Title      : Applied Development Communication
Subject      : Journalism and Mass Communication
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Author      : B P Mahesh Chandra Guru
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Contents Total views (0)  
The book has 15 sections. A new generation of development communication scholars has emerged with a view to produce relevant theoretical and practical knowledge to the various stakeholders in the field of development communication.
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Basics of Communication Total views (0)  
Communication is commonly defined as the process of sharing information, experience and expertise between the source of communication and users of communication services.
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Foundations of Development Total views (0)  
The word development is broad enough to include several aspects under its ambit. Broadly speaking, development is a multi-dimensional and multi-directional effort towards achieving the betterment of the standard of living of the people.
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Models of Development Total views (0)  
The development model contains the salient features of development system adopted by a country which enjoys the constitutional and legislative approval under normal circumstances.
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Old and New Paradigms of Development Total views (0)  
The dissolution of the old colonial empires was brought about after the World War II. The people and the leaders of the Asia, Africa, Latin America and Middle Eastern Countries explored alternative political alignments and economic arrangements.
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Sustainable Development Total views (0)  
Sustainable development is development that maintains or improves the current quality of life over time by using renewable resources and protecting the natural environment.
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Development Communication Total views (0)  
The role of communication in development is as important at the grassroots level as it is at the national and international levels. Communication occupies an enviable status in the process of development regardless of government and non-government sectors.
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Communication for Rural Development in India Total views (0)  
Even after 64 years of national independence, rural areas have remained neglected by the policy makers and bureaucrats from development point of view.
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Grassroots Communication System in India Total views (0)  
The role of communication is as important at the grassroots level as it is at the national level. Scholars have rightly pointed out that communication is a major grassroots development resource.
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Role of NGOs in Development Total views (0)  
There is a high degree of diversity and heterogeneity in their activities during the last 70 years. According to the latest statistics, there are more than 1 million NGOs in India which have been involved in social welfare and national developmental programmes in urban, rural and tribal areas.
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Development Coverage in Print and Electronic Media Total views (0)  
Today, in all developing countries, development is considered to be a subject of special concern. In reality, development starts with people and their education, organization, participation and progress.
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Social Media for Development Total views (0)  
The goal of national development can be achieved through participatory communication and development. There is need for public-private partnership in a developing country like India in order to facilitate inclusive development, integrated development and sustainable development.
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Environment Communication Total views (0)  
There is a proven correlation between environment and development. In the name of development, there has been constant depletion of natural resources all over the world.
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Folk Media in Development Total views (0)  
They have consistently catered to the communication needs of the people before the advent of the modern media of communication. The folk media are very popular, effective and resourceful means of communication in the rural and tribal areas even now.
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Agriculture Development Communication Total views (0)  
In India, considerable progress has been achieved in the field of agriculture in the postindependence era. There are limited opportunities for the expansion of irrigated area in India and people mainly depend on rain water
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Health Communication Total views (0)  
It is also an important component of human resources development. Health goes hand in hand with social-economic development.
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Human Rights Communication Total views (0)  
The Vienna conference facilitated incorporation of progressive ideas and guidelines in national constitutions for the protection of human rights.
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Bibliography Total views (0)  

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