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Television basically represents the receptacle for a plethora of information and entertainment channels delivered through a variety of distribution systems. Personality traits are shaped by the environmental influence among the children, adolescents and youth in the world.
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Salient Features of Television Total views (0)  
The role of television in the lives of people is a widely discussed, debated and investigated subject of the 21st Century. The development of television and salient features of television as a medium of communication are amplified in this chapter.
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Determinants of Personality Total views (0)  
Personality is determined by the accumulation of many factors such as psychological, physical, biological and hereditary. These factors are called as determinants of human personality
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Scientific Study of Adolescents Total views (0)  
The transition to adulthood varies among cultures but it is considered as a challenging phase of human life. It is the period known for uplifting mankind to super anthropoid status which facilitates the formation of basic developmental principles and practices.
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Research on Adolescents and Television Total views (0)  
Television has become an all pervasive medium of communication across the globe. It plays a central role in the family environment as a source of information, education, entertainment, advertisement and propaganda in modern times. There are several factors which influence adolescence television viewing programme preferences.
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The Present Investigation Total views (0)  
Television affects the lives of the people both positively and negatively. It mainly affects the attitudes and behavioral patterns of people including the adolescents.
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Empirical Analysis Total views (0)  
The adolescents spend more time watching television than reading, sports and other activities. They are affected by the television both positively and negatively. They also foster and reinforce overly materialistic attitudes.
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Television makes the young viewers judge the characters themselves and their actions according to the norms of society. The television also primarily impacts the personality traits of adolescents and other audiences in modern society.
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