Reader Dashboard
Steps to Read Content Offline
 This portal enables you to purchase, download and read content
 from various publishers. Please Sign Up / Sign In to get free content / study material. The email id you provide during Sign Up / Sign In is you login id.
 JAVA is essential to read content.
 If there is no JAVA, click Download. It is free and safe. You need to
 download it only once.
 To read content offline you need our reader iContentMate.
 Download Now It is free and safe. You need to download
it only once.

Open iContentMate, login using your registered
(Sign Up/Sign In) id  and password. Go to downloads
tab to see 
the list of your purchased contents and free 
contents. Select the content you require and Download.
To ensure that your system does not use up all the disc space,
you can migrate any content to server any time
and download specific content you require at specific times. 

 Go to Open Tab and read the specific topics.