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Physical / Biological Anthropology
SUBJECT : Anthropology
PUBLISHED ON : 28/10/14
NUMBER OF PAGES : ( 10 Pages)
PRICE : Rs 7.5

It is also referred to as biological anthropology. Characterisitics of it not only deals with physical or morphological man but also the genetics, the latter is supplementing and replacing the former. Physical Anthropology studies mankind from a biological perspective. The branch deals with the biological evolution of man and, variation in man, or to be more correct, man and his relations, to seek answer to • What has been the sequence of events in the course of evolution? • The factors and mechanism of this course and • The nature of ongoing changes in the species. The study of human evolution and human variation are the two main aspects of Physical Anthropology. It studies the status of human beings not as an individual but as a biological species in the animal kingdom.

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