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SUBJECT : Anthropology
PUBLISHED ON : 28/10/14
NUMBER OF PAGES : ( 9 Pages)
PRICE : Rs 6.75

Literary humanism is even more recent and has been a response to the literary critiques of post structuralism, which minimize the between text and life. The humanistic critic argues that characterization in fiction of good fiction allows us to understand the complexities of social life through the actions of specific, fictive c characters. The brief review suggests that humanism is synonymous with a concern for the human enterprise. It s anthropocentric means not only that it rejects supernatural or divine ,causation but it also places the human experience at the centre of its preview. It values what humans do above all other actions. Its faith resides in the human condition she application of anthropocentric faith to the field of anthropology suggests a foundation for the building of a humanistic anthropology. Anthropology's own built in desire to seek a balanced view, the application or anthropology looks to adjacent undertaking in anthropology and beyond to other disciplines. This outward searching is diagnostic of humanism. Humanism many of ifs permutations is never narrow. Humanism is social science; Berger asks why is a form of intellectual liberation that permits us to stand at some distance from the most institutionalized truths of society.

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