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The Effects of Nutrition,InBreeding and Hybridization
SUBJECT : Anthropology
PUBLISHED ON : 05/09/13
NUMBER OF PAGES : ( 7 Pages)
PRICE : Rs 5.25

Different human groups show wide ranging variation in their cultures which are noting but the outcome of the experiences of individuals or groups of individuals in human societies under varying environmental conditions. The structure and functioning of different human groups and their individual members owe to divergent cultural rather than genetic variables. All cultures have their own history in relation to which the behavioral characteristics of the individual members and social groups have to be viewed. The cause and effect relationship between the social and biological factors in a way ensure the formulation of meaningful and relevant strategies for the control of various complex issues confronting humanity. Considered for our purposes here are inbreeding, nutrition, hybridization and their effects, each of them have been dealt separately.

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