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Society,Culture and Civilization
SUBJECT : Anthropology
PUBLISHED ON : 28/10/14
NUMBER OF PAGES : ( 10 Pages)
PRICE : Rs 7.5

In Common parlance the term society is very loosely used. It is used to designate the members of a specific group rather than the relationships found among them. Thus, the expressions, 'The Cooperative society', 'The agricultural society', 'The Mutual benefit society', 'The Cobblers Society', 'The Weavers society, 'The Society of Jesus', 'The Theosophical society, 'The High-society', 'The low society'. In sociology the concept is used altogether in a different sense. It is referred to understand the complex pattern of the norms of interaction that arise among men. 'Society' does not signify a group of people. People are valuable only as agencies of social relationships. Thus, society is intangible; it is a process rather than a thing, relationship. The concept 'society' derives its origin from a Latin root term 'Socius' meaning companionship.

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