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Primitive Economy and Politcial Organization
SUBJECT : Anthropology
PUBLISHED ON : 05/09/13
NUMBER OF PAGES : ( 11 Pages)
PRICE : Rs 8.25

Economic Organization consists of the ordering and Organization of human relations and human efforts in order to produce as many of the necessities of day- to-day life as possible with the expenditure of minimum efforts. It is the attempt to secure the maximum satisfaction possible through adapting limited needs to unlimited needs in an organized manner. This particular definition holds good for any modern society, primitive society, or the pre-historic society. The main conception is that, what is necessary needs for life, and what as a luxury differs from. In this connection it has been observed that primitive economic organizations are of the subsistence type that is they fall into the broad category of production consumption economies. With all the accumulation of an economic surplus attention of the human beings is increasingly devoted not only to various material needs other than food, sex and shelter, also to refinement of the manner in which the three(food, sex, shelter) primary and other derived as secondary needs are satisfied. These types of economics are called as the production- consumption- distribution type.

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