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Methods of Capital Budgeting
SUBJECT : Financial Management
PUBLISHED ON : 16/09/13
NUMBER OF PAGES : ( 39 Pages)
PRICE : Rs 29.25

The methods of appraising. Capital expenditure proposals can be classified into 2 broad categories i.e., traditional and time adjusted. 'The more common and widely used methods of capital budgeting, are; Payback method, Accounting rate of return method, Net present value method and Internal rate of return methods. Let us study these methods one by one. This is the simplest & the most commonly used technique of evaluating capital investment proposal. It attempts to calculate the period required to recover the initial investment out of net cash in flows. The number of years required for the savings in cost or net cash in flow. (after tax but before depreciation) to recover the original cost of the projects known as payback period. In other words payback period represents the number of years in which the investment is expected to pay for itself.

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