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Human as Information Processor
SUBJECT : Computer Science
PUBLISHED ON : 24/09/13
NUMBER OF PAGES : ( 8 Pages)
PRICE : Rs 6

A manager or a decision maker uses his sensory receptors, normally eyes and ears, to pick up information and transmit them to brain for processing and storage. The result of this processing will be a response which may be a decision, an action or at least recognition of the event for further use. Hence, a manager can be said to be an information processor. While processing the information for a managerial response, the manager also uses accumulated knowledge from memory. The capacity of a manager to accept and process input to produce output is variable and limited. The limitation arises sometimes on account of information overload which is external to the manager. This is a case of too much information or extra information creating a problem for the user of the information to sort out relevant from the irrelevant or the appropriate from the inappropriate. The manager in such a situation adopts the method of filtering information.

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