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Terrestrial Adaptations in Reptiles (Reptilia)
SUBJECT : Zoology
AUTHOR : Vimala C M
PUBLISHED ON : 01/07/13
NUMBER OF PAGES : ( 4 Pages)
PRICE : Rs 3

Reproduction was the main factor that prevented the amphibians from becoming completely terrestrial. The amphibians have to get back to the water to lay their eggs Reptiles are the first forms that have become completely terrestrial. They have broken the link with water by evolving a cleidoic egg. Since this type of egg is safe, covered by a shell and does not require water for development, it can be laid on land. To live on land the reptiles had to adapt to several environmental conditions that were harsh, such as temperature, dehydration and lack of safe nesting sites. Several reptiles such as crocodiles and turtles have become secondarily adapted to an aquatic life probably to avoid predators or in search of prey. However they too come on to the land to lay eggs.

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