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Unit 1
SUBJECT : Theory of Machines-I
AUTHOR : Balachandra P Shetty (Wg Cdr Dr. PB Shetty) and Rachith S.N
PUBLISHED ON : 16/01/16
NUMBER OF PAGES : ( 21 Pages)
PRICE : Rs 0

Fundamentals Kinematics of motion: Plane, rectilinear and curvilinear motion. Equation and graphical representation of linear and angular motion, displacement, velocity, acceleration. Relationship between linear and angular quantities of motions. Acceleration of a particle along a circular path. Simple problems on basics Kinetics: Force, centrifugal and centripetal force, momentum of force, couple, momentums-linear and angular. Mass moment of inertia, torque, work, power. Fundamentals of mechanisms: Kinematic, link, pair, constraint motion- Definition and its classification, types of joints, kinematic chain, Grubbler’s criteria, Mechanisms, machines and structures, degrees of freedom, simple problems.

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