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Title      : Computer Organization
Subject      : Computer Science
copyright © 2018   : Deepak M
Author      : Deepak M
Publisher      : Sai Vidya Institute of Technology
Chapters/Pages      : 6/216
Total Price      : Rs.      : 91
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Basic Operational Concepts Total views (0)  
A Computer has five functional independant units like Input Unit, Memory Unit, Arithmetic & Logic Unit, Output Unit, Control Unit.
Pages: 35
Price: Rs 0   
Single Bus Organization Total views (0)  
In single bus structure inside the CPU, different components are linked by a single bus. The various components available inside CPU in this architecture includes Instruction Register (IR), Instruction Decoder (ID), Program Counter (PC), Memory Address Register (MAR), Memory Data Register (MDR), Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU) and General purpose Register.
Pages: 30
Price: Rs 15   
Memory System Total views (0)  
The system memory is the place where the computer holds current programs and data that are in use. There are various levels of computer memory, including ROM, RAM, cache, page and graphics, each with specific objectives for system operation.
Pages: 30
Price: Rs 15   
Arithmetic Total views (0)  
It is a method of representing integers and real values (e.g., fixed- and floating-point numbers) in digital systems and efficient algorithms for manipulating such numbers by means of hardware circuits or software routines.
Pages: 23
Price: Rs 11.5   
Basic Processing Unit Total views (0)  
A typical computing task consists of a series of steps specified by a sequence of machine instructions that constitute a program.
Pages: 36
Price: Rs 18   
Solved Question Paper Total views (0)  
Solved Question Paper
Pages: 62
Price: Rs 31   

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