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Subject      : Electronics and Communication
copyright © 2018   : PRASHANTH N
Author      : PRASHANTH N
Publisher      : Sai Vidya Institute of Technology
Chapters/Pages      : 6/696
Total Price      : Rs.      : 270
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Introduction to Control Systems Total views (4)  
It is arrangement of different physical components such that it gives the desired output for the given input by the means of regulate or control either direct or indirect method.
Pages: 159
Price: Rs 0   
Time Response of feedback Control Systems Total views (3)  
Time response is the variation of the controlled of the system with respect to time, when the system is subjected to test signals.
Pages: 132
Price: Rs 66   
Stability Analysis Total views (2)  
Stability Analysis is a procedure used to check the stability of finite difference schemes as applied to linear partial differential equations.
Pages: 91
Price: Rs 45.5   
Introduction to Root- Locus Techniques Total views (0)  
Root locus analysis is a graphical method for examining how the roots of a system change with variation of a certain system parameter, commonly a gain within a feedback system.
Pages: 159
Price: Rs 79.5   
Frequency Domain Analysis and Stability Total views (0)  
The performance of a control system is more realistically measured by its time-domain characteristics.
Pages: 108
Price: Rs 54   
Introduction to Digital Control System Total views (0)  
A digital control system model can be viewed from different perspectives including control algorithm, computer program, conversion between analog and digital domains, system performance etc.
Pages: 47
Price: Rs 23.5   

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