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Title      : Computer Aided Electrical Drawing
Subject      : Electrical
copyright © 2018   : svit
Author      : svit
Publisher      : Sai Vidya Institute of Technology
Chapters/Pages      : 5/74
Total Price      : Rs.      : 19
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WINDING DIAGRAMS Total views (0)  
Armature winding can be defined as an array of conductors or a number of coils placed in slots and connected in series where the desired magnitude of emf is generated and is a source of electrical energy.
Pages: 37
Price: Rs 0   
The single line diagram (SLD) is the most basic of the set of diagrams that are used to document the electrical functionality of the substation.
Pages: 6
Price: Rs 3   
ASSEMBLY DRAWINGS (A) Transformer Assembly Total views (0)  
A support frame for an electrical transformer assembly, comprising two loop-shaped parts, each loop-shaped part having a plurality of limbs, each limb having a peripheral recessed portion in which a primary electrical coil is mountable, and at least one secondary coil is mountable in piggyback on the primary electrical coil, one limb of each loop-shaped part having a straight section.
Pages: 14
Price: Rs 7   
ASSEMBLY DRAWINGS (B) DC Machine Assembly Total views (0)  
A DC motor brush assembly includes a brush brought into contact with a commutator piece which is connected to the coil of a DC motor, and a brush holder of plastic material for holding the brush against the motor housing.
Pages: 11
Price: Rs 5.5   
ASSEMBLY DRAWINGS (C) AC Machine Assembly Total views (0)  
AC machines are almost widely used in almost all the places right from our houses to each and every industry.
Pages: 6
Price: Rs 3   

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