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Title      : Remote Sensing and GIS
Subject      : Civil Enginnering
copyright © 2018   : SREEKUMARY G
Author      : SREEKUMARY G
Publisher      : Sai Vidya Institute of Technology
Chapters/Pages      : 5/140
Total Price      : Rs.      : 60
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Remote Sensing Total views (0)  
Remote sensing is the acquisition of information about an object or phenomenon without making physical contact with the object and thus in contrast to on-site observation, especially the Earth.
Pages: 23
Price: Rs 0   
Remote Sensing Platforms and Sensors Total views (0)  
Remote sensing platforms can be defined as the structures or vehicles on which remote sensing instruments (sensors) are mounted. For remote sensing applications, sensors should be mounted on suitable stable platforms. These platforms can be ground based air borne or space borne based.
Pages: 21
Price: Rs 10.5   
Geographic Information System Total views (0)  
A geographic information system (GIS) is a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present spatial or geographic data.
Pages: 24
Price: Rs 12   
Data Models Total views (0)  
A data model is an abstract model that organizes elements of data and standardizes how they relate to one another and to properties of the real world entities.
Pages: 21
Price: Rs 10.5   
Model Question Paper Solved Total views (0)  
Model Question Paper Solved
Pages: 51
Price: Rs 25.5   

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