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Title      : Mechanical Measurement & Metrology
Subject      : Mechanical
copyright © 2019   : Dr H R Manohara
Author      : Dr H R Manohara
Publisher      : SJM Institute of Technology
Chapters/Pages      : 5/212
Total Price      : Rs.      : 77
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Introduction to Metrology, Linear Measurement and Angular Measurements,Measurement of Angles Total views (0)  
Measurements mean Act or results of a quantative comparison between a predetermined standard and an unknown magnitude. Metrology is not limited to length measurement but also concerned with the Industrial inspection and its various techniques.
Pages: 61
Price: Rs 0   
System of Limits, Fits, Tolerance and Gauging, Comparators Total views (0)  
Definition of tolerance, Specification in assembly, Principle of interchangeability and selective assembly, limits of size, Indian standards, concept of limits of size and tolerances, definition of fits, hole basis system, shaft basis system, types of fits and their designation (IS 919-1963), geometric tolerance, position-tolerances.
Pages: 45
Price: Rs 22.5   
Measurement of Screw Thread and Gear, Advances in Metrology Total views (0)  
Terminology of screw threads, Gear tooth terminology, tooth thickness measurement using constant chord method, Basic concepts of lasers, advantages of lasers, laser interferometers, types, applications. Basic concepts of Coordinate Measuring Machines-constructional features, applications.
Pages: 35
Price: Rs 17.5   
Measurement Systems and Basic Concepts of Measurement Methods, Intermediate Modifying and Terminating Devices: Total views (9)  
Definition, Significance of measurement, Errors in measurement, classification of errors. Transducers, transfer efficiency, primary and secondary transducers, Mechanical systems, inherent problems, electrical intermediate modifying devices, input circuitry, ballast circuit, electronic amplifiers. Terminating devices, Cathode ray oscilloscope, Oscillographs.
Pages: 37
Price: Rs 18.5   
Force, Torque and Pressure Measurement, Measurement of Strain and Temperature: Total views (1)  
Direct methods and indirect method, force measuring inst., Torque measuring inst., Types of dynamometers, Absorption dynamometer, Prony brake and rope brake dynamometer, and power measuring instruments. Pressure measurement, principle, use of elastic members, Bridgeman gauge, McLeod gauge, Pirani gauge.
Pages: 34
Price: Rs 17   

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