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Title      : MSc Tech 204 Environmental Pollution and its Prevention
Subject      : Environmental Science and Technology
copyright © 2018   : Karnataka State Open University
Author      : KSOU
Publisher      : Karnataka State Open University
Chapters/Pages      : 16/327
Total Price      : Rs.      : 238
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Environmental Pollution and its Prevention Total views (384)  
Just as a weed is ' a plant out of place' , a pollutant is 'a chemical out of place ', and 'pollution' is ' resource out of place' . Oil enclosed within a tanker is not a pollutant'; spilled into the environment, however, it may be a pollutant although doing harm involves more than being out of place. A small oil spill may go unnoticed, but a large one ca n be disastrous . Almost any substance, sy ......
Pages: 11
Price: Rs 0   
Proactive and Reactive Environmental Legislation/Policies Total views (378)  
Proactive environmental policies (PEP) focus on environmental problem-solving based upon 'anticipate and prevent' rather than 'react and treat'. It is like selecting raw materials that produce less or no waste after the product are manufactured. It involves a cluster of technologies and management techniques that do not focus on what happens at the end of the pipe, but consider the origins of poll ......
Pages: 9
Price: Rs 6.75   
Environmental Systems Total views (378)  
Environmental systems maintain a finite capacity for assimilating stress, establishing a threshold level beyond which additional stress results in a marked decrease in the system's performance andlo r an adaptive change in the system's struc ture, A more useful index of I environmental sustainability is ' ecosystem resilience", One way of thinking about resilience is to focus on ecosystemdynamics ......
Pages: 14
Price: Rs 10.5   
Environmental Legislation Total views (379)  
Environmental law is a collective term describing international treat ies (convent ions), statutes, regulations, and common law or national legislation (where applicable) that operates to regulate the interaction of humanity and the natural environment, toward the purpose of reducing the impacts of human activity. The topic may be divided into two major subjects: pollution control and remediation, ......
Pages: 8
Price: Rs 6   
Environmental Pollution and its Prevention Total views (423)  
India faces serious constraints to meeting the challenge of providing adequate water and sanitation for its rural and urban inhabitants. Microbial contamination of domestic drinking water during and after collection from source has been recognized as a problem for households even where the water sources are uncontaminated. In addition, managing solid waste is a challenging task yet to be resolved ......
Pages: 7
Price: Rs 5.25   
Units of Measurement of Environmental Parameters Total views (421)  
Measurement of environmental parameters is very important issue to combat and control environmental pollution. Concentration of various parameters and comparison with standards prescribed to be kept under control using various treatment solutions are most essential. Mass balancing methods/concepts for solving water and wastewater related problems are to be dealt with in detail. Environmental ethi ......
Pages: 22
Price: Rs 16.5   
Food Chain, Bio-Concentration, Biogeochemical Cycles Total views (422)  
The entire biosphere is an assemblage of abiotic and biotic components in an ecosystem in the network of food chains and food webs. Bio-concentration, Bio-accumulation and Biomagnification of metals and other toxic compounds are found after biopsy of humans. The importance of biogeochemical cycles in cycling of matter is discussed with specific focus on carbon and phosphorus cycles. The importance ......
Pages: 12
Price: Rs 9   
Sources of Pollution, Point and Non- Point Sources Total views (421)  
The knowledge on various types of pollution sources is essential to know the effect of such pollution sources. Flow variations and volume of wastewater generated per unit of service/product is documented for understanding the amount of water that goes in to the product. The characteristics of wastewaters for low, medium, and high strength are listed for reference, along with inter-parameter links. ......
Pages: 16
Price: Rs 12   
Water Pollution Total views (403)  
Water is a vital natural resource which is essential for a multiplicity of purposes. Its many uses include drinking and other domestic uses, industrial cooling, power generation, agriculture (irrigation), transportation and waste disposal. In the chemical process industry, water is used as a reaction medium, a solvent, a scrubbing medium, and a heat transfer agent. As a source of life for man, pl ......
Pages: 32
Price: Rs 24   
Air Pollution Total views (400)  
One of the early steps involving air pollution problems is to locate the source from which air contaminants are being emitted. There are more than 7,50,000 man-made chemicals present in our environment and to these 1000-2000 new ones are added every year. Massive production of such chemicals directly or indirectly releases thousands of tones of a variety of air pollutants into the atmosphere. Some ......
Pages: 53
Price: Rs 39.75   
Noise Pollution Total views (403)  
Sound in the environment is caused by vibrations in the air (or some other medium) that reach human ears and stimulate a sensation of hearing. When the sound becomes loud, or disagreeable, or unwanted, it becomes noise. Since the unwanted sound (i.e., noise) certainly produces several undesirable effects on our body health, it can be termed as an environmental pollutant. The Air (Prevention and Co ......
Pages: 24
Price: Rs 18   
Marine Pollution Total views (400)  
Water, the most abundant natural resource (q.v.), is mostly available in nature in the form of sea and ocean water. This water has a specific composition but by the discharge of waste water, by dumping of different pollutants or by other means the natural composition alters, giving rise to the phenomenon known as 'marine pollution'. Although description of marine pollution is simple, no definitio ......
Pages: 15
Price: Rs 11.25   
Pollution Control at Source Total views (392)  
Pollution control at the source can be carried-out by changing the process to decrease the waste; by changing raw materials to be used in the industrial process; by changing the equipment to decrease the waste; by reducing the pollution load before discharging the waste in to natural ceo-system for which controlling/collection equipment/ treatment is required. A number that must be considered bef ......
Pages: 24
Price: Rs 18   
Industrial Wastewaters Total views (394)  
Natural water is seldom chemically pure. When it rains, organic and inorganic suspended particulate matter, gases, vapors, mists, etc. in the air get dissolved in water, through which it reaches the earth's surface. In addition, water carries surface pollutants and contaminants during its now over the ground. Water, which percolates into the ground, dissolves various salts and becomes rich in tota ......
Pages: 19
Price: Rs 14.25   
Corrosion and Corrosion Control Process Total views (391)  
Corrosion is a phenomenon associated with a metal and its environment. For the purpose of this discussion, the environment will be water, generally of domestic quality. Corrosion takes place when a metal dissolves in water. In fact, some water must be present in almost all instances for metals to corrode, even if the chief environment is other than water. A second step in the process may be the d ......
Pages: 31
Price: Rs 23.25   
Hazardous Waste Total views (390)  
The term hazardous waste gained acceptance starting about 1970 with the first national study of the issue, and it became vogue in the mid-1970s with the development of U.S. legislative initiatives to regulate it. Long before then the wastes that we now know as "hazardous" were referred to by such terms as special industrial waste or chemical waste. This is still often the case in Europe. The term ......
Pages: 30
Price: Rs 22.5   

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