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Title      : CEM-11 Environmental Management and Policy
Subject      : Environmental Management
copyright © 2018   : Karnataka State Open University
Author      : KSOU
Publisher      : Karnataka State Open University
Chapters/Pages      : 5/66
Total Price      : Rs.      : 38
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Introduction to Environmental Management Total views (198)  
Due to unplanned developmental activities as well as ever-increasing population, which has caused enormous strain on the environmental resources, societies across the world face several problems of environmental degradation. However, it is imperative to maintain a balance between the capacity of the environment and the quantum of sustainable utilisation. This is only possible by understanding the ......
Pages: 15
Price: Rs 0   
Participants in Environmental Management Total views (191)  
In any given environmental management situation there are likely to be a number of different perspectives, and hence the various possible responses. An environmental manager has to grasp the sum total of the perspectives and try to avoid conflicts between participants and minimise damage to the environment. The participants of environmental management can be categorised as existing users, groups s ......
Pages: 13
Price: Rs 9.75   
Environmental Policies Total views (197)  
In Unit 1, we introduced you to the fundamental principles and concepts of the environment and ecosystem. In this Unit , we will provide you with the background to the evolution of environmental policies and legislations in India. We will begin the Unit by explaining the international environmental policies in general. This unit will give us a context for our discussion of the policies in India. W ......
Pages: 16
Price: Rs 12   
Environmental Laws and Legislations in India Total views (193)  
Environmental law refers to rules and regulations governing human conduct likely to affect the environment. It reflects the legislative measures, and the administrative and judicial structures to protect the environment. However, it is difficult to define precisely the boundaries of environmental law in the same way as we define, say, the law of contract. Unlike the traditional legal subjects such ......
Pages: 11
Price: Rs 8.25   
Environmental Impace Assessment Total views (200)  
In Unit 1, we introduced you to some of the environmental management tools. One such tool we mentioned in that context was environmental impact assessment (EIA). In the present Unit, i.e., Unit 3, we will discuss EIA in detail. We will begin the Unit by explaining what EIA entails. We will then give you an account of EIA evolution in the world over. We will also discuss how EIA can be used to pr ......
Pages: 11
Price: Rs 8.25   

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