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Title      : BPP-B.A History
Subject      : History
copyright © 2018   : Karnataka State Open University
Author      : KSOU
Publisher      : Karnataka State Open University
Chapters/Pages      : 10/130
Total Price      : Rs.      : 88
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Geographical Location - Sources and Early Civilization Total views (249)  
Karnataka may by considered as the cradle of many dynasties and it is known for its own cultural traditions. Besides Karnataka is the land of unity in diversity tolerance, mutual cooperation and the region known for different religions. Unity tolerance and mutual cooperations and also different religions were protected by the monarchs, saints, poets, reformers and also the mists of Karnataka.
Pages: 12
Price: Rs 0   
Mauryas, Satavahanas and Gangas Their Cultural Contributions Total views (246)  
Dear leaner you have understood the geographical location of Karnataka Sources and their importance for the reconstructing the history of Karnataka and also the early civilizations in Karnataka. Now, in this unit we shall have knowledge about the Mauryas, Satavahanas and the Gangas in Karnataka also their contributions to the culture. We will also understand the Kings of these dynasties and their ......
Pages: 7
Price: Rs 5.25   
Chalukyas, Rashtrukutas and hoysalas their Culture Contributions Total views (247)  
In the history of Karnataka, the three major dynasties of Chalukyas of Badami, Rastrakutas and the Hoysalas occupy a unique place as far as their cultural contributions are concerned. Even politically, their reigning period contitutes an important epoch in the history of not only Karnataka but also in that of South India.
Pages: 11
Price: Rs 8.25   
Vijayanagara Empire - Political and Cultural History Total views (273)  
The founding of the Vijayanagar empire in the early part of the fourteenth century is a significant development in the history of South India. The contribution of the rulers of this empire to different fields is immense. This empire could withstand the onslaught of Delhi sultans for two centuries and acted as the bulwark of Hindu culture and traditions.
Pages: 8
Price: Rs 6   
Post Vijayanagara Empire: History and Culture Total views (252)  
The disintegration of the Vijayanagar Empire led to the rise of many Palegars, of whom a few came into limelight. One puch small political entity which gained prominence in the seventeenth century was the Wodeyars of Mysore. The history of Karnataka from seventeenth century onwards is dominated by the history of Mysore state ruled by the Wodeyars. The Wodeyars of Mysore were the feudatories of the ......
Pages: 13
Price: Rs 9.75   
Revolutions in Modern Europe Total views (246)  
The French Revolution of 1789 constitute an important event in the history of the modem world. It-impelled the world and Europe into the most dynamic period of its history. It was the first great successful rising of lower classes against a regime. Hence it remains as an event of tremendous significance in history. Several factors which led to this revolution may be divided into political, social, ......
Pages: 11
Price: Rs 8.25   
Napoleon Bonaparte: Age of Reaction-Unification of Italy and Germany Total views (247)  
Napoleon Bonaparte is generally considered as one of the greatest military generals and administrators the world ever produced. For more than 15 years he played a dominant role in the history of Europe. In fact the period from 1799 to 1815 in the history of Europe is also described as the Era of Napoleon. He once said" I was bam when my country was dying. He also called himself as the child of the ......
Pages: 12
Price: Rs 9   
20th Century Europe Total views (245)  
20th century Europe is often referred to as the beginning of a new era in the history of world. It emerged from its earlier forms, the development which took place in Europe, especially during the last three decades of the 19th century. By 1870, there was overall calm prevailing in Europe except the Balkans. The last three decades of the 19th century Europe was also the period of the rise and grow ......
Pages: 23
Price: Rs 17.25   
Modern Far East Since 1900 Total views (249)  
The Chinese were known for their ancient civilization. They developed an indengenous culture. The Chinese were highly conservative. They never allowed any foreign culture to influnce their way of life. In China a political system based Oil the principles of monarchy existed. In the local administration the feudal lords played an important role. The Chinese remained themselves isolated from the res ......
Pages: 20
Price: Rs 15   
Modern Middle East : Iran, Turkey, Arabia, Israel (Since 1900) Total views (252)  
In this unit we studied the following The new wave of political development which began to emerge in Iran during the 20th century. We analysed the political developments which emerged in Turkey in the light of Young Turk movement and Mustapha Kernal Pasha. We also studied the growth of Arab nationalism from late 19th century till the end of II World War. We studied about the rise of Israel in th ......
Pages: 13
Price: Rs 9.75   

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