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Title      : BEN - 01 Poetry, Prose, Fiction and Grammar
Subject      : English
copyright © 2018   : Karnataka State Open University
Author      : KSOU
Publisher      : Karnataka State Open University
Chapters/Pages      : 22/270
Total Price      : Rs.      : 196
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William Shakespeare : i) Not Marble, Nor the Gilded Monuments ii) Let me not to Marriage of True Minds Total views (522)  
William Shakespeare (1564-1616), the great dramatist, also wrote sonnets. Critics have divided his sonnets, 154 in number, into two main groups. The first group contains the first hundred and twenty-six sonnets, and is addressed to a young man of remarkable physical charm for whom Shakespeare appears to have had a strong affection. The identity of this young man is shrouded in mystery. Weighty ar ......
Pages: 13
Price: Rs 0   
Thomas Gray : Selections from - Gray's Elegy Total views (510)  
Thomas Gray lived in a period of Transition, from the Neo- classical to the Romantic Age. Gray showed a genuine concern for the poor and the less privileged section of society. He developed a lot of liking for the simple life of the rural folk. He was a learned man who was deeply interested in metaphysics and morals. He devoted his life to scholarly pursuits . His poetry is the outcome of this. I ......
Pages: 12
Price: Rs 9   
William Wordsworth : i) The Daffodils ii) Upon Westminster Bridge Total views (511)  
The poems(texts of the poems) are given in the lesson. I expect you to read the poems slowly at least twice and then read the analysis. Let me also explain to you here that Wordsworth is known for his simple diction (language) You rarely come across difficult words in his poems. Yet for your convenience 'Glossary' is provided at the end of each poem. With the help of the 'Glossary' you could try ......
Pages: 13
Price: Rs 9.75   
Alfred Tennyson : Ulysses Total views (513)  
Alfred Tennyson is a major poet of the Victorian Age (1832-1901). For nearly half a century. Tennyson expressed in exquisite melody the doubts and griefs, tragedies and truimphs of the whole nation. He was sensitive to the intellectual and spiritual climate of his age. Born in Lincolnshire, in 1809, Tennyson was brought up in typically English countryside. He was educated in the grammar school of ......
Pages: 20
Price: Rs 15   
“Of Studies” Francis Bacon Total views (509)  
Reading is an important mental activity. It can also be called a serious learning exercise. As such it demands focussed attention. When reading is taken up as in a concentrated manner and as an academic activity it is termed as study. Thus there are degrees of concentration involved in reading. You have already had some practice in reading comprehension in the preceding two units. In this unit yo ......
Pages: 12
Price: Rs 9   
Ladies Head-Dress: Joseph Addison Total views (511)  
As you know, an essay by Addison is prescribed for your study. The title of the essay is "Ladies' Head - dress". You will find in this unit the text of the essay followed by an interpretation. You are expected to read the essay attentively and then switch over to the analysis. The learners are free to come out with their own impressions, comments and critical views only if the same are supported ......
Pages: 12
Price: Rs 9   
Witches Loaves: O' Henry Total views (508)  
William Sidney Porter started writing in the pen name of O'Henry. He is an American writer. Unfortunately, due to lack of good formal education, he could not get good formal education and jobs. He landed in jail after committing an offence, but this did not deter him from getting recognition as a creative writer, who had the uncanny ways of narration and ending a story in a peculiar fashion. His ......
Pages: 5
Price: Rs 3.75   
The Necklace: Guy de Maupassant Total views (509)  
"The Necklace" is one of the finest and most popular short stories of Maupassant. It is simple in its design and thought and exquisite in execution. It is a touching story of a young woman and of her wasted years. Mathilde Loisel, the young wife of a clerk, has more beauty and ambition than are good for her. She tries to scale the dizzy heights of success and while pursuing trivial pleasures ruin ......
Pages: 8
Price: Rs 6   
Dr. Heideger's Experiment: Nathaniel Hawthorne Total views (511)  
Nothaniel Hawthorne is an American novelist and short story writer. His most well-known novel is The Scarlet Letter. The short story "Dr. Heidegger's Experiment" which you are reading now is chosen from Twice-told Tales. In this story Hawthorne has exposed human weaknesses like greed, avarice and lust. Hawthorne was a puritan i.e. a person strict in moral matters. The Christian concepts of Tempta ......
Pages: 14
Price: Rs 10.5   
Excerpts From Gulliver's Travels: Jonathan Swift Total views (510)  
Jonathan Swift (1667-1745) is one of the great names in literature. His 'Gulliver's Travels' is a story of wonderful and incredible events and experiences. It has the rare merit of appealing to both young and old. A close look reveals that it is a powerful satire on man and human institutions and not just a fascinating tale of travels in a wonderland. Swift relentlessly attacks the follies, vices, ......
Pages: 8
Price: Rs 6   
The Guide RK Narayan Total views (508)  
R.K. Narayan, the Author : Rasipuram Krishna Swami Narayanan, popularly known as R.K. Narayan, is considered to be one of the three major exponents of Indian English novel, along with Mulk Raj Anand and Raja Rao, He was born on October 10, 1906 in Madras and had Primary and Secondary schooling in Madras. He did not excel at the secondary and intermediate examinations. Later, in 1926, he joined B.A ......
Pages: 26
Price: Rs 19.5   
The Guide RK Narayan Total views (507)  
This unit brings out the complications in the life of Raju. It also decides the destiny of Raju. Raju is destined to become a swami. Malgudi suffers from famine and no rains. As in the earlier unit, the reference to Raju as a tourist guide, takes a different turn when he transforms into a spritual guide to the people of Malgudi.
Pages: 13
Price: Rs 9.75   
The Guide RK Narayan Total views (508)  
This unit presents a picture of Rosie's meteoric rise in the world of dance. On the other hand it also indicates Raju's rags to riches story. Marco, seen as the forgotten husband of Rosie and he is remembered by his book, and his photo which is published in the Illustrated weekly.
Pages: 5
Price: Rs 3.75   
The Guide RK Narayan Total views (509)  
The unit introduces us to the realization of Rosie that Marco is 'after all, he is my husband'. The importance of the letter sent by the company for receiving the jewellery. Raju's deliberate attempt to forge the signature of Rosie; the consequences of forgery. Raju is sentenced to two years jail. He becomes a model prisoner.
Pages: 18
Price: Rs 13.5   
Expansion of an Idea Total views (511)  
Expansion of an idea is an important exercise which helps you to improve your writing skill. Through this exercise you will develop the ability to choose apt words, construct meaningful sentences and connect them logically. Needless to say this sharpens not only your thinking capability but your linguistic skills as well. But then you must put in your best efforts and keep practicing. Remember, P ......
Pages: 12
Price: Rs 9   
Antonyms and Synonyms Total views (508)  
Before beginning over interactive exercises in this material note the meaning of these terms. ANTONYM - A word of opposite meaning SYNONYM - A word or expression that has the same or nearly the same essential meaning. Every child youth and adult has gone through this terrible experience of mislaying a word. That is a context when you know what you want to express, you know that the precise wor ......
Pages: 10
Price: Rs 7.5   
Summarising and Working Through Comprehension Passages Total views (509)  
For the moment let us assume that you have completed the comprehension of a passage that you are about to summarise. See whether you have utilized the following skills that are needed to make a summary of the whole passage or of selected parts. Firstly you must have the ability to organize your answer in a coherent and logical manner. That in turn requires competence in sentence and paragraph con ......
Pages: 25
Price: Rs 18.75   
Use of Idioms Total views (507)  
An Idiom is a form of expression, or a form of grammatical usage, peculiar to a particular language and often having a meaning other than one that it appears to a have. All languages have their own idioms. For example, in English we say that someone is "as deaf as a post". But the French expression (to convey the same sense) is "as a pickaxe".
Pages: 15
Price: Rs 11.25   
Active and Passive Voice Total views (508)  
When we learn English as a second language, importance is give to the construction of a sentence hence, we are thought to express our idea in two forms, in the active voice and then the passive voice. Voice can be described as the change in the form of a verb showing whether the subject does something or has something done to it in other words whether the subject, the subject acts or is acted upo ......
Pages: 12
Price: Rs 9   
One Word Substitute Total views (505)  
Language is an important tool of communication. In fact, as far as written and spoken language is considered words play a key role. Words are used to express a feeling, an idea or opinion, etc. Hence, the right choice of words in necessary for successful and effective communication. People always prefer a straight forward statement. There fore, we must learn to convey our ideas effectively in as ......
Pages: 9
Price: Rs 6.75   
Poetry, Prose, Fiction and Language Component_Question Paper Total views (459)  
Poetry, Prose, Fiction and Language Component Previous Year Question Paper
Pages: 4
Price: Rs 3   
Poetry, Prose, Fiction and Language Component_Question Paper1 Total views (457)  
Poetry, Prose, Fiction and Language Component Previous Year Question Paper
Pages: 4
Price: Rs 3   

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