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Title      : Certificate Programme in Environmental Technology_Waste Water Reuse and Disposal
Subject      : Environmental Technology
copyright © 2018   : Karnataka State Open University
Author      : KSOU
Publisher      : Karnataka State Open University
Chapters/Pages      : 5/172
Total Price      : Rs.      : 110
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Waste Water Reuse Total views (228)  
In this Unit, we will discuss the areas where we can reuse wastewater by carrying out different processes. We will also discuss the factors affecting the extent of effluents reuse in municipal, industrial, recreational and agricultural sectors. The purpose of understanding this concept is to make us aware that water is no more a cheap commodity and the demand is increasing so rapidly that there is ......
Pages: 27
Price: Rs 0   
Sludge and septage: Treatment and Disposal Total views (228)  
In this Unit, we will discuss concept of sludge (water and wastewater sludges and septage) management with reference to the technologies utilised in the industrialised countries. This Unit deals with the sources, characteristics, and quantities of various sludges. Also this Unit gives an idea about pertinent sludge handling, treatment and disposal unit operations and processes and their design cri ......
Pages: 45
Price: Rs 33.75   
Waste Water Disposal into Natural Water Bodies Total views (229)  
Disposal issue with regard to specific water poses different question in terms of processes, dynamics and mechanism. The quality of water where the disposal is proposed to be carried out need to be taken into account while the planning and design of the outfall is completed. The concept of initial dilution and dispersion will also be discussed. Besides these methodologies, we will also study the b ......
Pages: 34
Price: Rs 25.5   
Waste Water Disposal on Land: Land Application Total views (233)  
In this Unit, we will discuss some of the areas of land application of wastewater in terms of wetland either naturally occurring or artificially constructed, along with their advantages and disadvantages. Other land based treatment such as septic tank, lagooning, etc., have also been discussed in the Unit with a view to examine the potential of these techniques. We will also discuss land applicati ......
Pages: 32
Price: Rs 24   
Selection, Planning and Implementation Guidelines for Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems Total views (230)  
The Unit attempts to bring out the fact that selection of treatment configuration based on rational engineering consideration will lead to proper design and sustained operation and maintenance. The other important factors in selection and design such as site survey, plant location, plant types etc. have also been dealt in this Unit.
Pages: 34
Price: Rs 25.5   

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