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Title      : MPSY-11 Systems and Contemporary Trends in Psychology
Subject      : Psychology
copyright © 2018   : Karnataka State Open University
Author      : KSOU
Publisher      : Karnataka State Open University
Chapters/Pages      : 27/598
Total Price      : Rs.      : 439
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Notions of Science Paradigm Total views (209)  
This unit is an introduction on Science. The definition, characteristics, classification or types,goals and features of science are explained along with their limitations. Science is distinguished from other forms or approaches to acquiring human knowledge-such as, art and religion. There are several misconceptions surrounding science. This explanation is to justify that psychology is a Science.
Pages: 17
Price: Rs 0   
Theories, Models, Schools and Systems Total views (206)  
This unit introduces the meaning and definitions of certain commonly used scientific terms.Irrespective of the branch of science, the discussed terms introduced in this unit are used with specific meaning and intention. Laymen understand and use of the same words in an almost different sense. Therefore, students of science must first become familiar with these terms before starting their study in ......
Pages: 17
Price: Rs 12.75   
Domains of Psychology - Basic and Applied Total views (212)  
This unit explores the territory of psychology. The field of psychology is vast and wide.Psychology deals with t he study of human behavior. Human behavior occurs in a vast terrain. It occurs in the classroom, inside ones home, outside in a factory, or on the sports field or almost everywhere. Thereby the domain of psychology will have to be vast and unwieldy. This unit samples the field of action ......
Pages: 16
Price: Rs 12   
Issues and Themes in Psychology Total views (207)  
This unit introduces students to some of the common issues and themes in the field of psychology. There are a host of themes that are discussed and debated in the field. A few of them have resolved over time, while others continue to rage even now. Nonetheless, it is important for students of psychology to recognize these issues even before a entering into the field in detail.
Pages: 16
Price: Rs 12   
Gestalt School Total views (204)  
Gestalt psychology is a theory of psychology which focuses on the organization of perception and thinking in a whole sense, rather than on the individual elements of perception.'Gestalt' is a German word which may be translated to English as 'Pattern' or 'form' or 'whole'. A Gestalt may refer to a figure or object that is different from the sum of its parts.
Pages: 14
Price: Rs 10.5   
Humanistic Psychology and Existential Psychology Total views (211)  
Humanistic psychology is a psychological perspective that emphasizes the study of the whole person. Humanistic psychologists look at human behavior not only through the eyes of the observer, but through the eyes of the person doing the behaving. Humanistic psychologists believe that an individual's behavior is connected to his inner feelings and self-image.
Pages: 21
Price: Rs 15.75   
Transpersonal Psychology Total views (206)  
Transpersonal psychology is a branch of psychology which focuses on the spiritual and mystical aspects of the human mind. It can be a slippery field to define, because many transpersonal psychologists integrate a variety of disciplines into their practice, but essentially it is about transcending or moving beyond ordinary human existence.
Pages: 11
Price: Rs 8.25   
Social Psychology Total views (208)  
Social Psychology is the study of how social conditions affect human beings.Social Psychology is not interested in the individual in particular nor in the society in particular. Rather, the interest is on the interaction between the individual and society; particularly the influence of the society on the individual.
Pages: 20
Price: Rs 15   
Life Span Developmental Psychology Total views (206)  
On completion of this unit, students will be able to give an overview on life span developmental psychology and trace its history, nature, meaning and content. They will also be able to explain various theories and perspectives as proposed by different authors.
Pages: 25
Price: Rs 18.75   
Self and Personality Total views (205)  
The concept of self is equally central to the field of psychology. In fact, there is a separate field referred as self psychology. It was founded by Heinz Kohut. There are several theories and ideas on the structure, working and importance of self in the field of psychology. In general, self in psychology refers to the conscious reflective personality of an individual.
Pages: 43
Price: Rs 32.25   
Cognitive Psychology Total views (207)  
Cognitive Psychology separates itself from philosophy by depending on experiments that measure. They are interested in the internal processes taking place within the individual.Experimental studies are the heart of cognitive psychology. Unfortunately there is no way to literally watch a person think. We must rely on external indicators, such as how well or how quickly a person can perform a certa ......
Pages: 20
Price: Rs 15   
Structuralism Total views (208)  
Structuralism is one of the early school of psychology. Before we look at the basic tenets of structuralism, some historical background will help to put the points of view Structuralism into focus.Psychology as a separate area of study split away from philosophy a little over 100 years ago. The successes of the experimental method in the Physical Sciences encouraged some philosophers to think tha ......
Pages: 12
Price: Rs 9   
Functionalism Total views (209)  
After studying this Unit,students will be able to trace the background of Functionalistic view of Psychology and explain the basic concepts and principles of Functionalism. They will also be able to bring out the practical implications of Functionalism for Mental Testing and Guidance movements.
Pages: 12
Price: Rs 9   
PsychoAnalysis Total views (213)  
After studying this unit, students will be able to trace the background of the psycho-analytic school. and explain Psychoanalytic theory both as a theory of personality and as a technique of treatment in psychotherapy. They will also be able to explain the basic constructs of Freud's Theory.
Pages: 15
Price: Rs 11.25   
Behaviourism Total views (209)  
After studying this unit,you will be able to explain the origin of Behaviourism as a attempt to challenge the schools of structuralism functionalism and psycho-analysis bring out the justification for insistence on behavior as subject matter of Psychology. They will also be to explain the experiments in the areas of human and animal behavior.
Pages: 12
Price: Rs 9   
Neuro- Psychology Total views (212)  
Neuropsychology is the scientific study of relationship between brain and behavior as expressed or understood through observable behavior. Neuropsychologists have extensive training in anatomy, physiology and pathology of nervous system. Some neuropsychologists specialize in research. Others specialize in evaluating and treatment of people who are thought to have something wrong with the way in wh ......
Pages: 20
Price: Rs 15   
Health Psychology Total views (273)  
Health Psychology is a rapidly growing area of research and application. While Clinical Psychology applies the principles of Psychology to understand and treat mental illness, health Psychology applies the principles of Psychology to enhance health and well-being of people and to help people to cope up with illness conditions.The field of health Psychology is informed by researcher in different a ......
Pages: 32
Price: Rs 24   
Environmental Psychology Total views (270)  
Environmental psychology is a scientific discipline which aims to understand the relationships between people and their socio-physical environment. A key aspect of this field is the "place-specificity" of its approach. It believes that people-environment transactions can be understood by considering the environmental features of the settings in which they occur and the characteristics of people in ......
Pages: 18
Price: Rs 13.5   
Cultures and Indigenous Psychology Total views (274)  
After reading this unit,students will be able to explain the background and developments for a shift in paradigm for psychological study and define the term contextualism and its needs in the study of psychology. They will also be able to bring out the meaning of cultural psychology and explain the approaches and methods of cultural psychology.
Pages: 37
Price: Rs 27.75   
Positive Psychology Total views (275)  
Positive psychology is the scientific study of what goes right in life, from birth to death and at all stops in between. It is approach within psychology that takes seriously as a subject matter those things that make life most worth living, Positive psychology searches for those qualities that allow individuals,communities and societies to thrive and flourish. It focuses on positive subjective st ......
Pages: 28
Price: Rs 21   
Feminism and Social Constructivism Total views (275)  
Feminism is a diverse collection of social theories, political movements, and moral philosophies. It is mainly concerned with gender differences, rights or liberation of women, etc. Some versions are critical of past and present social relations. Many focus on analyzing what they believe to be social constructions of gender and sexuality. They study gender inequality and promoting women's rights, ......
Pages: 14
Price: Rs 10.5   
Community Psychology Total views (274)  
Community psychology deals with relationship of the individual to communities and wider society.Community psychologists seek to understand the quality of life of individuals, communities and society. Their aim is to enhance quality of life through collaborative research and action. The field makes use of various perspectives within and outside of Psychology to address community issues, relationsh ......
Pages: 19
Price: Rs 14.25   
Systems of Indian Thought Total views (272)  
After studying this Unit, students will be able to trace the development of Indian Thought and examine the psychological aspects of Indian thought in the Philosophical Systems of India. They will also be able to explain the cognitive foundations of Sruti.
Pages: 41
Price: Rs 30.75   
Other Eastern Perspectives Total views (273)  
After reading this unit, student will be able to trace the history of Taoism and Confucianism in China and explain the philosophy, religious practices and perspectives of Taoism and Confucianism. They will also be able to trace the background of Japanese religions.
Pages: 26
Price: Rs 19.5   
Western Perspectives Total views (272)  
After reading this Unit, student will be able to trace and explain the origins of Western perspectives of psychology in Ancient Greece. They will also be able to read and explain the developments relevant to Psychology, during Middle Ages and Renaissance.
Pages: 46
Price: Rs 34.5   
Developments in 18th Century Philosophy and Physiology Total views (267)  
After the study of the unit, students will be able to explain the extreme and moderate views of French thinkers during the 18th century about sensationalism and materialism and examine the views of the British Empiricists. They will also be able to read and explain the process of association of ideas as put forth by the British thinkers.
Pages: 30
Price: Rs 22.5   
Psychical Research and Parapsychology Total views (266)  
Parapsychology is a subject that deals with paranormal phenomena. Though parapsychology is just a century old as a subject of scientific study, it has been in vogue since ancient times. Every religion, tribe, caste and sect has something to do with the supernatural and ancient texts describe the occurrences in quite detail.
Pages: 16
Price: Rs 12   

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