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Title      : Computer Science and Networking
Subject      : Computer Science and Networking
copyright © 2018   : Harikrishna Rai G.N.
Author      : Harikrishna Rai G.N.
Publisher      : Interlinepublishing
Chapters/Pages      : 8/55
Total Price      : Rs.      : 37
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Gradient Based Seeded Region Grow Method for CT Angiographic Image Segmentation Total views (1737)  
Introduction, Segmentation Properties, Seeded Region Growing Method, Region Grow Process, Experimentation,Conclusion.
Pages: 6
Price: Rs 0   
Threshold Based Indexing of Commercial Shoe Print to Create Reference and Recovery Images Total views (1740)  
Introduction, Image Acquisition-Visible Prints, Plastic Prints, Latent Prints, Image Enhancement, Image Restoration, Image Segmentation.
Pages: 4
Price: Rs 3   
Design of Run-time Architectures for Real-time UML Models - an Actor Centric Approach Total views (1732)  
Introduction, Overview of UML 2.0, The Generic Mapping Approach-Model External and Internal Use cases, Model Processes, Model IPC Mechanisms, Model Concurrency.
Pages: 6
Price: Rs 4.5   
An Efficient Hidden Markov Model for Offline Handwritten Numeral Recognition Total views (1742)  
Introduction, Stages , Classifier Experimental Results, Conclusion.
Pages: 7
Price: Rs 5.25   
Kannada Character Recognition System: A Review Total views (1755)  
Introduction, Pre Processing, Segmentation, Feature Extraction, Character Classification, Conclusion and Future Direction.
Pages: 12
Price: Rs 9   
Implementation of Connectivity and Handover Through Wireless Sensor Node Based Techniques Total views (1747)  
Introduction, WSN Techniques For Handoff, Handoff Implementation Using WSN Techniques, Scenarios To Demonstrate WSN Handoff Technique, Conclusion.
Pages: 5
Price: Rs 3.75   
An Adaptive Dynamic Replacement Approach for a Multicast based Popularity Aware Prefix Cache Memory System Total views (1759)  
Introduction, Replacement of Policy Problem, Related Work, An Adaptive Dynamic Replacement Approach, Algorithm and Simulation Results.
Pages: 8
Price: Rs 6   
Performance Comparisons of PSO Based Clustering Total views (1765)  
Introduction, K-Means Clustering, Particle Swarm Optimization and its Variants, PSO a Tool for Function Optimization, PSO Clustering Data Set and Experimental Results, Conclusion.
Pages: 7
Price: Rs 5.25   

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