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Title      : Introductory Mathematics I
Subject      : Mathematics
copyright © 2018   : Pandurangappa C
Author      : Pandurangappa C
Publisher      : Interlinepublishing
Chapters/Pages      : 2/247
Total Price      : Rs.      : 185
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Differential Calculus Total views (5796)  
 Successive differentiation, nth derivatives of some standard functions, The formulae list for nth derivatives, Leibnitz's theorem , Polar curves, Angle between radius vector and the tangent to the polar curve , Angle between two polar curves , Length of the perpendicular from the pole to tangent, Pedal equation (p-r equation).
Pages: 112
Price: Rs 84   
Analytical Geometry Total views (5778)  
Co-Ordinates of a Point in a Space  Distance formula  Division (section) formulae  Midpoint formula  Direction cosines (dc's) of a line  Relation between the direction cosines of a line  Direction ratios (DR's) of a line  Relation between direction cosines (DC's) and direction ratios (DR's)  The direction ratios (DR's) of the line j ......
Pages: 135
Price: Rs 101.25   

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