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Title      : CAD for Electrical Engineers
Subject      : CAD for Electrical Engineers
copyright © 2018   : Sanguine Technical Publishers
Author      : Indira M S
Publisher      : Sanguine Technical Publishers
Chapters/Pages      : 9/308
Total Price      : Rs.      : 208
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DC Winding Diagrams Total views (9)  
Any rotating electrical machine consists of stator, rotor, end shields, fan and ventilating system, bearing system and mounting system. In a DC machine, the stator consists of a yoke which houses poles attached to the yoke and the field windings. The rotor consists of armature with supports, commutators and bearings. The armature has slots in which the windings are placed. The winding terminals ar ......
Pages: 34
Price: Rs 0   
Three Phase AC Winding Diagrams Total views (5)  
A rotating electrical machine consists of an armature in which conductors are placed and connected systematically, to generate the ‘working emf’. The arrangement of conductors and their inter connections are known as ‘windings’. In synchronous machine and induction motor, the stator is the armature, which, usually, is wound for three phases, separated by 120 electrical degrees to generate the give ......
Pages: 56
Price: Rs 42   
Substations Total views (7)  
Electric power is produced at the power generating station, which are generally located far away from the load centres. The power is delivered to the consumers through a transmission network. High voltage transmission lines are used to transmit bulk electric power from the generating station to the load centres over long distances.
Pages: 46
Price: Rs 34.5   
Generating Stations Total views (2)  
A generating station essentially employs a prime mover coupled to an alternator for the production of electric power. The prime mover converts energy available in different forms such as pressure head of water, chemical energy of fuels (either in solid, liquid or gaseous form), kinetic energy of blowing winds and nuclear energy of radio active substances into mechanical energy. The alternator conv ......
Pages: 12
Price: Rs 9   
DC Machines Total views (2219)  
The basic principle of operation (electromagnetic principle) of a DC machine and a AC machine are the same though they differ widely in their operational characteristics. The excellent control characteristics has made the DC motor to be accepted as an industry standard. The series motor with its high starting torque finds application in traction, cranes and hoists while the shunt motor with its co ......
Pages: 26
Price: Rs 19.5   
Transformers Total views (2220)  
The transformer is an electrical equipment that converts power from a low voltage level to a high voltage level or vice versa. They are used in transmission and distribution of power. The power that is generated at the generating plants undergoes three to four voltage conversions before being delivered to the consumer.
Pages: 28
Price: Rs 21   
Alternators Total views (2219)  
Synchronous generator or Alternator is one of the basic components of a power system and can run both as a generator / motor. They operate at constant frequency and constant speeds under steady state conditions and hence are known as synchronous machines. Synchronous generators with power ratings of several hundred MVA usually operate in parallel at power stations, sharing the load.
Pages: 18
Price: Rs 13.5   
Induction Motor Total views (2221)  
The Induction Machine is an important classification of electrical equipment. The induction motors are widely used for pumping loads, machining, electrical drives, etc, and they consume about 80 percent of power being generated. The output rating of induction motors range from fractional horse power (hp) to several thousands of hp. The induction machines (generators) also find application in wind ......
Pages: 10
Price: Rs 7.5   
Appendix Total views (2)  
Auto CAD is a general purpose Computer Aided Design Program from Autodesk, (a leading US based company) which can be used to prepare a wide variety of two-dimensional and three-dimensional models. It is a powerful drawing tool that can be customized to suit a particular application. Drawings can be created and edited easily with AutoCAD. There is significant reduction in time and is more accurate ......
Pages: 78
Price: Rs 58.5   

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