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Title      : Design and Analysis of Algorithms/15CS43
copyright © 2018   : Ghousia College of Engineering
Author      : Dr T Venkatesh
Publisher      : Ghousia College of Engineering
Chapters/Pages      : 5/89
Total Price      : Rs.      : 43
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MODULE-01 Introduction Total views (45)  
Introduction: What is an Algorithm? , Algorithm Specification, Analysis Framework, Performance Analysis: Space complexity, Time complexity, Asymptotic Notations: Big-oh notation(O),Omega notation(Ω),Theta notation(ϴ), and Little-oh notation(o), Mathematical analysis of Non-Recursive and recursive Algorithm with Examples. Important Problem Types: Sorting, Searching, String processing, ......
Pages: 18
Price: Rs 0   
MODULE-02 / Divide and Conquer: Total views (19)  
Divide and Conquer: General method, Binary search, Recurrence equation for divide and conquer, Finding the maximum and minimum, Merge sort, Quick sort , Strassen’s matrix multiplication, Advantages and Disadvantages of divide and conquer. Decrease and Conquer Approach: Topological Sort.
Pages: 21
Price: Rs 12.6   
MODULE-03 / Greedy Method: Total views (6)  
Greedy Method: General method, Coin Change Problem, Knapsack Problem, Job sequencing with deadlines. Minimum cost spanning trees: Prim’s Algorithm, Kruskal’s Algorithm. Single source shortest paths: Dijkstra’s Algorithm. Optimal Tree problem: Huffman Trees and Codes.Transform and Conquer Approach: Heaps and Heap Sort.
Pages: 20
Price: Rs 12   
MODULE-04/1 / Dynamic Programming: Total views (8)  
Dynamic Programming: General method with examples, Multistage Graphs, Transitive Closure: Warshall’s Algorithm, All Pairs Shortest paths: Floyd’s Algorithm, Optimal Binary Search Trees, Knapsack problem, Bellman-Ford Algorithm, Travelling Sales Person problem, Reliability design.
Pages: 10
Price: Rs 6   
MODULE-04/2 / Dynamic Programming: Total views (3)  
Dynamic Programming
Pages: 20
Price: Rs 12   

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