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Title      : Advanced Financial Accounting
Subject      : Management
copyright © 2018   : Subhas Stores
Author      : K Yathiraju
Publisher      : Subhas Stores
Chapters/Pages      : 5/467
Total Price      : Rs.      : 239
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Insurance Claims Total views (0)  
There are various risks attached to today’s business, whether small, medium or large. One of the major risk is losses suffered by business due to Fire, Theft, and Earthquake. Insurance companies are ready to bear these losses if the business takes the insurance policies to cover the loss that may arise through  re, theft, and earthquake and pay the insurance premium as determined by the insur ......
Pages: 100
Price: Rs 0   
Consignment Accounts Total views (2)  
Producers or Manufacturers of the product always tries to increase their sales volume through approaching maximum number of customers in the same country or in abroad. Such manufactures will adopt many ways, in order to reach maximum customer to increase sales one of the method adopted is Consignment of Goods. Under Consignment goods are sent by the manufacturer to the sales agents who lives ......
Pages: 102
Price: Rs 66.3   
Accounting for Joint Venture Total views (0)  
Due to the inherent risk of sustaining a loss in the place of Pro t, business activities culminate in ventures. Usually loss suffered by the business organisation mainly due to shortage of funds and capital, or lack of managerial or business skills, or lack of opportunities and heavy competition. Such situations can be overcome through Joint Ventures for mutual bene ts.
Pages: 124
Price: Rs 80.6   
Branch Accounts Total views (0)  
The ultimate objective of any business organisation is to maximize their pro t, which is not possible without increasing the sales therefore to achieve the higher rate of sales by out beating the competition, also eliminating the middleman and to satisfy the customer usually business concerns will open branches either in the same Town or State, or in the same country or in abroad. Branches m ......
Pages: 71
Price: Rs 46.15   
Departmental Accounts Total views (0)  
An organization may produce or buy and sell several products or perform different services under the same roof or from the same premises. The modern practice is to divide the organization into different independent departments, each of which may deal in a particular class or goods or render a specialized type of service. For example, a Super Market or a Departmental Store may have separate sal ......
Pages: 70
Price: Rs 45.5   

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